About Us

Welcome to Medical Equipment Resource, Inc.

We are a cardiopulmonary-focused medical equipment distributor with 35 years of outside sales experience and after-sales support. This personal interaction with physicians and hospitals helps to make us uniquely qualified to provide expert guidance when it comes to selecting a piece of medical equipment. We have personally demonstrated and trained our customers in all aspects of our featured equipment's operation and usage. Rather than just selling a piece of equipment, we will assess your needs, and recommend a device based on your situation and usage. We truly want to be your medical device resource on the internet.

Feel free to call, e-mail, or chat on-line with us; we are here to help. Our toll-free phone is 1-800-304-6756, if you would like to speak with us. Our email is sales@medicalequipmentresource.com.

We are the medical device shipping equivalent of your trusted local hardware store. We can lead you through the process adding a new device rather than providing a price and nothing more.