Vitalograph ECO BVF Spirometry Filter-Box of 100

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  • This is a box of 100 individually wrapped Filters. Now more than ever, you need to add an Anti-Viral/ Bacterial Filter to your spirometer.
  • Vitalograph Bacterial Viral FiltersTM (BVF) provides an efficient hygiene solution giving better than 99.999% Cross Contamination efficiency.

    Suitable for inspiratory and expiratory spirometry testing, these single-use bacterial viral filters provide effective protection from cross-infection.

  • Optimal protection for patients, staff, and equipment.
  • Traps expectorated matter, bacteria, and viruses
  • Reduces device cleaning, saving time and money
  • Extended patient side with a plastic lip reduces costs by eliminating the need for expensive silicone bite-on mouthpieces
  • 54%* reduction in filter waste volume
  • Validated cross-contamination efficiency >99.999%
  • Filter dead space 55ml
  • Flow impedance <0.04kPa at 1L/s
  • Filters and nose clips made from 100% recyclable materials
This filter fits the following spirometers:
Inchek™, InCheck DIAL™, Multispiro™, Creative Biomedics, Vitalograph, Schiller, MicroDirect, SDI (PulmogardII™), Most Cosmed Models, MIR (all models), P.K. Morgan 232, Future Med(Spirobank), PB-400, PB-600, CDX Spiro 850, Spirometrics (Flowmate, Flowmate+), SMII, & Vacumed (MicroPlus, Micro GP-GL, Micro Loop, Pony), Morgan PFT, Medisoft.
The second picture shows an ECO BVF inside a FlowMIR Turbine. Simply remove the cardboard tube from the FlowMIR and insert the Filter.